ACL-2003 Workshop on

Under the Auspices of ISO TC37 SC4 Language Resource Management

11 July 2003, Sapporo, Japan

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Workshop Description

Over the past decade, various efforts have identified data models for annotation of language resources, including models instantiated in XML and RDF, annotations graphs, etc. Based on these efforts, it is possible to identify a common underlying model that describes the fundamental properties and relations describing language data and its annotations, which can serve as a basis for development of a harmonized, standardized framework for representation and annotation of language resources.

ISO TC37 SC4 is concerned directly with development of a standard linguistic annotation framework that can enable easy interchange and reuse of annotated language resources. Recently, a workshop composed of experts from North America, Europe, and Asia produced an outline of a general data model for linguistic annotations and a repository of data categories that will be serve as the core of a proposal for an ISO standard linguistic annotation framework. This workshop is intended to follow on and validate this work by soliciting papers from the computational linguistics and language engineering communities that situate current annotation practices with respect to the model as it has developed so far, and identify possible modifications and/or extensions that may be needed to make the standard operable. The workshop therefore provides an open forum for input from relevant communities, which is essential for the eventual success of the ISO standardization effort.

Target Audience

This workshop will bring together members of the computational linguistics and language engineering communities involved in development/application of annotation schemes, standards development, developers and users of software for language resource creation and manipulation, users of annotated language resources.

Areas of Interest

Documentation in PDF describing the data model and overall framework developed so far is available from the TC37SC4 website in the Documents section; the relevant document is "ISO TC 37-4 N029 Linguistic Annotation Framework". Papers are invited on, but not limited to, the following topics:

Workshop Organization

The workshop will be organized as follows:

We plan to accept a limited number of the most relevant papers in order to allow for ample discussion time after each paper as well as during the plenary discussion at the end.

Submission Information

Papers should be submitted electronically in Postscript or PDF format to: Submissions should conform to the two-column format of ACL proceedings and should not exceed eight (8) pages, including references. We strongly recommend the use of ACL-2003 style files, also available from the ACL-2003 website.

The subject line of the submission email should be "ACL2003 WORKSHOP PAPER SUBMISSION". As reviewing will be blind, the body of the paper should not include the names or affiliations of the authors. The following identification information should be sent in a separate email with the subject line "ACL2003 WORKSHOP ID PAGE":

Title: title of paper
Authors: list of all authors
Keywords: up to five topic keywords
Contact author: email address of author of record (for correspondence)
Abstract: abstract of paper (not more than 5 lines)
Notification of receipt will be emailed to the contact author.

Important Dates

Submission deadline:   05 April 2003
Acceptance notification:   03 May 2003
Final version deadline:   24 May 2003
Workshop date:   12 July 2003

Workshop Chairs

Key-Sun Choi (KAIST, Korea)
Nancy Ide (Vassar College, USA)
Laurent Romary (LORIA/INRIA, France)

Program Committee

Nuria Bel (Universitat de Barcelona, Spain)
Hamish Cunningham (University of Sheffield, UK)
Eric De La Clergerie (INRIA, France)
David Durand (Brown University, USA)
Henry Thompson (University of Edinburgh UK)
Lionel Clement (INRIA, France)
Laurent Romary (LORIA/INRIA, France)
Nancy Ide (Vassar College, USA)
Keith Suderman (Vassar College, USA)
Koiti Hasida (AIST, Japan)
Chris LaPrun (NIST, USA)
Thierry DeClerck (DFKI, Germany)
Jean Carletta (University of Edinburgh UK)
Michael Strube (EML/Heidelberg, Germany)
Tomaz Erjavec (Institute Jozef Stefan, Slovenia)
Henni Brugman (MPI, The Netherlands)
Fabio Vitali (University of Bologna, Italy)
Key-Sun Choi (KAIST, Korea)
Kiyong Lee (Korea University, Korea)
Alessandro Lenci (ILC/CNR, Italy)
Massimo Poesio (University of Essex, UK)
Paul Buitelaar (DFKI, Germany)


Workshop registration information will be posted at a later date. The registration fee will include attendance at the workshop and a copy of workshop proceedings.

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