Tuesday June 2, 1998

9:00-11:00 Session 1

Dynamic Coreference-Based Summarization
     Breck Baldwin and Thomas S. Morton

Multilingual Robust Anaphora Resolution
      Ruslan Mitkov and Lamia Belguith

Aligning Clauses in Parallel Texts
      Sotiris Boutsis and Stelios Piperidis

Automatic Insertion of Accents in French Text
      Michel Simard

11:00-11:30 Coffee Break

11:30-1:00 Session 2

Valence Induction with a Head-Lexicalized PCFG
      Glenn Carroll and Mats Rooth

Metrics for corpus similarity and homogeneity
      Adam Kilgarriff and Tony Rose

Word-Sense Distinguishability and Inter-Coder Agreement
      Rebecca Bruce and Janyce Wiebe

1:00-2:45 Lunch

2:45-3:30 Invited Speaker

Statistical Translation: Where It Went
     Kevin Knight, USC Information Sciences Institute

3:30-4:30 Session 3

Category Levels in Hierarchical Text Categorization
      Stephen D'Alessio, Keitha Murray, Robert Schiaffino, and Aaron Kershenbaum

An Empirical Approach to Text Categorization based on Term Weight Learning
      Fumiyo Fukumoto and Yoshimi Suzuki

4:30-5:00 Coffee Break

5:00-6:30 Session 4

An Empirical Evaluation on Statistical Parsing of Japanese Sentences Using Lexical Association Statistics
      Shirai Kiyoaki, Inui Kentaro, Tokunaga Takenobu and Tanaka Hozumi

Japanese Dependency Structure Analysis based on Lexicalized Statistics
      Fujio Masakazu and Matsumoto Yuji

A Natural Criterion for Maximum Entropy / Minimum Divergence Feature Selection
      Adam Berger and Harry Printz

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