Series Editors

Nancy Ide
Vassar College, USA

Jean Véronis
Université de Provence, France

Editorial board

Harald Baayen, Max Planck Institute, The Netherlands
David Barnard, University of Regina, Canada
Ken Church, Bell Laboratories, USA
Stig Johansson, University of Oslo, Norway
Judith Klavans, Columbia University, USA
Joaquim Llisterri, Universitat Autonoma di Barcelona, Spain
Joseph Mariani, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, France
Dan Tufis, Academy of Sciences, Romania

Due to the recent availability of large bodies of text and speech in electronic form, data-based research of all kinds has increased dramatically in areas such as computational linguistics and language engineering (especially corpus-based linguistics), speech, humanities computing, psycho-linguistics, and information retrieval. This series is intended to explore the methodologies and technologies that are emerging as a result of this work. In addition, while each of these disciplines has developed methodologies appropriate to its particular problem area, there is emerging a clearly defined set of technologies and methodologies common to all areas of research involving large quantities of electronic data. The series is particularly concerned with methodologies and technologies with either actual or potential applicability to other areas. The topics covered by the series include but are not limited to:

The series contains several different types of books, including:

Supplementary materials such as software, demonstrations, program libraries, etc. in appropriate forms (diskettes, web sites, etc.) are included where appropriate.

Series contents:

Also of interest:

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