Table of Contents

Bash Shell Resources

a few articles and tutorials on the web for learning the bash shell

System Info - User Help

Help for New Users

Unix information and help

Examples for many Unix concepts and commands from the University of Edinburgh. This is a really good place to start!

Useful Unix commands

Web resources to help you learn the bash shell

Account size help

Help on how to check your account size and some basic commands to help you compress, archive and remove files and directories

Backups to a file


Help Systems

Both the man (for manual) and Info pages provide information about the system. Man pages are typically geared to specific commands or files, while Info pages give information about an application as a whole.

Solutions To Common Problems

How to free up a machine or window that froze while you were working on it

You're typing along, you enter a command, and now your machine is frozen! This will help!

Process priorities

Are you hogging the processor? Here's some info on how to make your processes play nice.

“I accidentally pressed a button and all of my work disappeared. Help!”

Most of the window managers give you multiple (4 by default) virtual desktops. Each desktop is an independent workspace, so if you go to the second desktop, it will appear as if all of your open programs are gone. Don't worry, though, you can go back to using them by switching back to virtual desktop 1 or generally clicking on the image of a different desktop on the panel.