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Wear Hacks and Projects pages

It became clear during the wiki transition that I had a number of “get 'em on the field” hacks in a variety of formats and locations as well as other wearable related pages and I needed to gather them up.

As I clean up my site, this is where they will all be listed.  For now it is a growing list of links to where they currently reside.


? [[|{{people:priestdo:wearables:wirereal97.jpg?125|}}]]
::[[|wire chorder]]
.. Protoype keygrip that then became a working chorder.  Photos show concept model and what it actually became as well as the version of Herbert it was used with.


? [[|{{people:priestdo:wearables:jpl.jpg?80|}}]]
::[[|Small Leather Chorder Pattern]]
.. Scans of the parts for a leather chorder that was sold to an engineer at JPL in 1998.


? [[|{{people:priestdo:wearables:chordhack.jpg?125|}}]]
:: [[|Linux kernel chording keyboard modification]]
.. A project initialy coded by Jinnah Hosein which I then modified for later kernels. It has been superseeded by the [[chorder>spiffchorder:forside|Spiffchorder]].  
? [[|{{people:priestdo:wearables:charmit.jpg?125}}]]
:: [[|Charmit Wearable Kit]]
.. A local copy of the Charmed Technology site which sold the Charmit kit. This was a commercial open source wearable that Charmed sold from 2000 - 2004.  I was hired by Charmed in 1999 to design and build a wearable that could be built and used by hobbyists and those looking to explore the field.  This is the product that came out of that endeavor.     
? [[|TextConfig file for the M1]]
:: For using the QVGA M1 display in text modes I generated these TextConfig lines. 
? [[|{{people:priestdo:wearables:battclip.jpg?125|}}]]
::[[|Battery Clips for mini-banana type batteries]]
.. Quick clips for sony type camcorder batteries.


?  [[|{{people:priestdo:wearables:phonerest-thumb.jpg?125|}}]]
:: [[|Phonerest keyboard]]
.. A handheld chorder built on a plastic phonerest (the kind of thing you stick on the back of a handset to let you hold the phone against your ear with your sholder).
?  [[|{{people:priestdo:wearables:mz104.jpg?125|}}]]
:: [[|The CHORD project]]
.. The CHORD project was a design I submitted to [[|Embedded Linux Journel's]] MZ104 "Hack Embedded Linux for Fun and Prizes" contest.  It was a finalist and I won an MZ104 board and developers kit.  This is my (minimal) documentation of that project.


?  [[|{{people:priestdo:wearables:charmerino.jpg?125|}}]]
:: [[|charmerino]]
.. A few pictures compairing the charmit and the smaller charmerino case. I wore the charmerino for 5 years.


? [[|{{people:priestdo:wearables:onepoineight.jpg?125|}}]]
:: [[|1.8 inch Harddrive ]]
.. 3 pictures of the 1.8 inch 9.5mm high 20gig Hitachi HTC424020 drive.

Each picture also has a 2.5 inch 4 gig toshiba laptop drive and a 320 meg IBM microdrive for comparison.

? [[|{{people:priestdo:wearables:va.jpg?125|}}]]
:: [[|Speech input / Speech output Charmit]]
.. A few pictures of the Charmit and battery sleds put together for a V.A. project providing audio navigation. The rig was sent off to Conversay so they could install their speech input engine.  These shots were for them.


? [[|{{people:priestdo:wearables:dustpuppy.jpg?125|}}]]
:: [[|Pumpkin Hack]] Well, hacking up a pumpkin.
.. A Halloween pumpkin that wanted to be dustpuppy.
? [[|{{people:priestdo:wearables:twid-2005.jpg|}}]]
:: [[|Twiddler Mods from 2005]]


? [[|{{people:priestdo:wearables:twid-2007.jpg|}}]]
:: [[|Twiddler Mods from 2007]]
.. Twiddler Mods with instructions.