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 +====== 2013 Adjunct Professor Courses ======
 +==== CMPU 145 - Foundations of Computer Science ====
 +Introduces the theoretical,​ structural and algorithmic foundations of computer science. Topics include: sets, relations, functions, recursive data structures, recursive functions, induction, structural induction, probability,​ logic, Boolean algebra, proving program correctness,​ and the lambda calculus. Concepts are reinforced in programming exercises in the laboratory.
 +  * [[http://​www.cs.vassar.edu/​~cs145/​|Fall 2012]]
 +==== CMPU 224 - Computer Organization ====
 +Examines the hierarchical structure of computing systems, from digital logic and micro- programming through machine and assembly languages. Topics include the structure and workings of the central processor, instruction execution, memory and register organization,​ addressing schemes, input and output channels and control sequencing. The course includes a weekly hardware/​software laboratory where digital logic is explored and assembly language programming projects are implemented.
 +  * [[courses:​cs224-201001:​top|Spring 2010]]
 +  * [[courses:​cs224-201101:​top|Spring 2011]]
 +  * [[courses:​cs224-201103:​top|Fall 2011]]
 +==== CMPU 241 - Analysis of Algorithms ====
 +Introduces the systematic study of algorithms and their analysis with regard to time and space complexity. Topics include divide-and-conquer,​ dynamic programming,​ greediness, randomization,​ upper and lower-bound analysis, and introduction to NP completeness. Emphasis is placed on general design and analysis techniques that underlie algorithmic paradigms. Builds a foundation for advanced work in computer science.
 +  * [[courses:​cs241-200901:​top|Spring 2009]]
 +  * [[courses:​cs241-2011-03:​top|Fall 2011]]
 +/*  * [[courses:​cs241-spring200901:​top|Spring 2009]] */