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 <​h2>​Coaches</​h2>​ <​h2>​Coaches</​h2>​
 <ul> <ul>
-<​li>​Colburn Morrison, Office hours: ​TBA times at SP 307</​li>​ +<​li>​Colburn Morrison ​(cmorrison@vassar.edu), Office hours: ​Mon 4-6 PM, Thu 3-5 PM and Fri 3-5 PM at SP 307</​li>​ 
-<​li>​Eura Choi, Office hours: ​TBA times at SP 307</​li>​ +<​li>​Eura Choi (echoi@vassar.edu), Office hours: ​Tue 3-5 PM and Wed 3-5 PM at SP 307</​li>​ 
-<​li>​Henry Fosmire, Office hours: TBA times at SP 307</​li>​ +<​li>​Henry Fosmire (hefosmire@vassar.edu),​ Office hours: ​Tue 5:30-7:30 PM and Thu 5:30-7:30 PM at SP 307</​li>​
-<​li>​TBA</​li>​ +
-<​!--<​li>​Colburn Morrison ​(cmorrison@vassar.edu),​ Office hours: ​Mondays 3-5PM, Tuesdays 11AM-1PM at SP 307</li>-->+
 </ul> </ul>