Coaching Hours

Here are our coaches for the Fall 2017 semester. In addition to working during our labs each week, each coach will work additional hours in the Asprey Lab, as indicated in the table below.

I will make every effort to give each of you the attention and feedback you need to be successful in this course. But, there is only one of me, and 24 students in our section of this course. I rely on my coaches this semester to help me help answer your questions.

Important: The coaches are prohibited from giving you the solutions to labs and assignments, but they are able to guide you as you work through the Design Recipe to solve your programming tasks. When this works well, they will help you answer your own questions!

Email contact information for the coaches is also provided in case you can't contact me, need to reach someone who can help answer a question, or wish to schedule a meeting for additional help.

Coach email Hours
Madison Stiefel mstiefel Mon 4-7pm; Tue/Thu 10am-12pm
Katie Ellman-Aspnes kellmanaspnes Tue 3-5:30pm; Thu 8-10pm; Sat 1:30-4pm
Marian Lam malam Wed 1-3:45pm; Fri 1-3:30pm; Sun 1-3:45pm