Week 3


  • Recipe Card Check (attendance)
  • Marc's Office Hours: Today 2-3 (and by appointment)
  • Reminder: our coaches are holding office hours
    • you can ask them about the readings as well as labs and assignments
  • Assignment 1: coming soon!

Intervals, enumerations, & conditionals

  • Lecture 4: You want what, when?
    • designing conditional functions (intervals, enums)


  • Recipe Card Check

Systematic Design: world programs “finite state”

  • Lecture 5: How to Design Programs
    • Event-driven programs (big-bang)

Structures types: Posns

  • Lecture 6: When Programs Need to Track Two Numbers
    • a first encounter with a struct type, Posns


  • Lab 2: Designing Functions
  • Assignment 1: to come