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   </​b></​font>​   </​b></​font>​
   </td>   </td>
-  <td width=32% valign=top bgcolor=gray>+  <td width=32% valign=top bgcolor="#​aaffcc"​ cellpadding="​8"​>
     <​center>​18th September</​center>​     <​center>​18th September</​center>​
-  ​<td width=32% valign=top bgcolor=gray>+    <​hr>​ 
 +    Using <​b>​predicates</​b>​ to answer yes/no questions. Arithmetic predicates. The multipurpose <​code>​eq?</​code>​ function. 
 +    Shielding a datum from evaluation using the <​code>​quote</​code>​ function, and its abbreviation. Beginning conditionals 
 +    and the <​code>​if</​code>​ statement. 
 +    <​hr>​ 
 +    <​center>​ 
 +    <a href="​https://​www.cs.vassar.edu/​~cs101/​ell-fal-2018/​lecs/​2018-09-18_lec.txt">​Code from class</​a>​ 
 +    </​center>​ 
 +  ​<td width=32% valign=top bgcolor="#​aaccff"​ cellpadding="​8"​>
     <​center>​20th September</​center>​     <​center>​20th September</​center>​
 +    <hr>
 +    A brief review of <​code>​if</​code>​. Using <​code>​cond</​code>​ for more complex situations, including the use of
 +    <​code>​else</​code>​. Contracts, how to write them and why they are important.
 +    <hr>
 +    <​center>​
 +    <a href="​https://​www.cs.vassar.edu/​~cs101/​ell-fal-2018/​lecs/​2018-09-20_lec.txt">​Code from class</​a>​
 +    </​center>​
   <td width=34% valign=top bgcolor=gray>​   <td width=34% valign=top bgcolor=gray>​
     <​center>​21st September</​center>​     <​center>​21st September</​center>​
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 </​table>​ </​table>​
 </​html>​ </​html>​