Week 11


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Exam Promises for Midterm 2

  • Handout: Fall 2017 Midterm 2
    • Solutions we worked through in class: sample-exam2-sols.rkt
    • Note: there will not be a question about List Expressions on tomorrow's exam since we had one on the last midterm; that question will be replaced with a list of structs question (more on that below in the promises)
  • Exam Promises for Midterm 2
    • 75 points / 75 minutes (but you really have the full two hours!)
    • Budget your time one point per minute
    • Open book / open notes
      • since our book and notes are accessed on a computer, and we're trying to save paper…
      • you may login to your CS accounts and view the HtDP/2e textbook in a browser
      • you may open DrRacket for the purpose of viewing the lecture notes, labs, and assignments
      • but you may not run any programs or use the Interactions pane in DrRacket to evaluate any expressions (you're on your honor)
    • Exam is cumulative, but with an emphasis on the material covered since the first midterm
      • Lectures 7–12
      • HtDP/2e Parts:
        • II Arbitrarily Large Data
        • IV Intertwined Data
      • Topics:
        • lists, list abbreviations
        • functions that consume lists, functions that consume multiple lists
        • binary trees (e.g., rumor mill, pipeline), and functions that consume them
        • intertwined data, mutually referential data definitions, mutually recursive functions (e.g. more realistic rumor mill, files and directories), and functions that consume intertwined data

    • 5 questions, 15 points each
    • Q1 Russian Dolls question based on HtDP/2e Section 9.4
      • You will be asked to write a function that consumes a Russian Doll (RD).
      • Even though this may seem to be something completely different, the Data Definition for a RD is really a thinly-veiled list! Design Recipe.
    • Q2 List of Structs Function. I will give you a the data and structure definitions, you will write the functions.
      • This could be a list of posns, a list of balls, a list of animals of some kind–a list of any kind of struct.
      • You might have to design a function that consumes a struct, and a function that consumes a list of those structs.
    • Q3 Multiple Lists Function. You will be asked to write a function that consumes two lists. Based on Lecture 9, Multiple Complex Inputs. I'll even promise you it will be of the second variety (parallel-sum was an example of this variety).
      • The question I ask you to write will be a variation of the question on the sample test.
    • Q4 Binary Tree Function. I provide the data definition, you write the function. Design Recipe.
      • I will even promise you it will be the same definition of a binary tree as on the sample test, but…
      • The function I will ask you to write will be different.
    • Q5 Function based on intertwined data: This question will be based on the data definitions for Files and Directories, from Lecture 12. I provide the data definition, you write the function(s). Recall: for intertwined data, when you are asked to write a function, you actually write multiple functions, one for each data definition. Design Recipe.
      • Again, the function(s) I ask you to write will be a variation of the function on the sample test.


  • Midterm 2


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  • Lecture 14: Abstraction, Higher Order Functions
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