Week 14


  • Recipe Card Check
  • Review session for final exam
    • Sunday, May 12th, 1pm
    • Room? (will try to reserve SP 309)
  • Lecture 17: Asymptotic Analysis (finish up)
    • How well do functions perform as size of input data increases?
    • Case study: finding the max of a list
      • another use for local expressions
  • Assignment 5: Worm Game
    • due: Tue, May 7, 11:59pm (last day of classes)
    • Questions?
    • Tomorrow's lab will be to work on finishing up the assignment
  • CEQs


  • Last day of classes
  • Lab: work on Assignment 5
  • Due: tonight 11:59pm
    • latest you can turn in this or any other assignments/labs:
      • Tue, May 14th, 11:59pm (end of study period)