CMPU-101-54 Computer Science I and Lab. (Spring 2019)


In a dark, smelly lair somewhere in a nest of tunnels lives the Wumpus, an evil-tempered, evil-smelling creature with a taste for grass-fed cattle. You have been ‘volunteered’ by your fellow villagers to seek out the Wumpus in its lair and kill it, thereby ridding the realm of this nasty, pillaging monster. And, should you happen to find some treasure, good for you! But beware: his warren contains other dangers awaiting the incautious adventurer…


This assignment is a little different from the others you have completed. For this assignment, you will be creating a complete and working computer program, a game called “Hunt the Wumpus.”


You may find complete instructions in this document.

Source files

To complete this assignment, you will need two files. One file contains the contracts for the functions you will be writing, plus a little bit of starter code; the other contains important supplementary material needed for the game to run.

Here are the two files:

Both of these files are also available in the course page sidebar, on the left-hand side of the page.

Make sure that the WumpusDefs.txt file is in the same directory (folder) as the files you are using to write your programs.

Sample Walkthroughs

Here are some examples of the game being played.

Coach-Free Problems

Some functions have the symbol !CF! after their names in the contracts. These are coach-free problems. These problems are either very similar to concepts and problems we have encountered often during the semester, or are expansions or developments of earlier functions in this project.

Remember: 'coach-free' does not mean 'help-free.' I am happy to provide help during my office hours or by appointment.

Submitting Your Work

Due Date

4 p.m. on Monday, 13th May, 2019.

Submission Instructions

  1. You must submit your work electronically and in paper form, as usual.
  2. Before you print out your work, delete all the contracts from the file you are going to print out. This is to save paper. Printing the contracts will use a lot of paper unnecessarily.
  3. You do not need to provide output from the Interactions Window for this submission.
  4. You must include your name in the code for the program.
  5. Once you have turned in your paper copy, you may not submit another version except in the case of extenuating circumstances.
  6. You may give your printed copy to me in class, or leave it with Mrs Colabella in the Department Office on the first floor of Sanders Physics. No other paper submissions will be accepted.
  7. No late work will be accepted. (Except in cases of extenuating circumstances.)

Don't forget to submit your work using the SUBMIT101 command!

submit101 e-asmt-w wumpus

(If the name of your directory is not 'wumpus', change 'wumpus' to whatever the name of your directory is.)