• We'll implement functions for the relations we defined a while back
  • DISJOINT? *2
  • INVERSE (i.e. Converse)
  • We will also implement our diy version of reverse and use it as a helper function for Inverse.


  • Download the asmt-helper.scm (same as last week) and lab1-template.scm files.
  • They should be in the same subdirectory (!)
  • Open lab2-addyourname in DrRacket
  • Use the “Save As” menu item to give your lab1-template.scm file a new name that includes your last name
  • Important note! I will take off points (!) if you do not rename the file
  • Follow the instructions in the file. I see they are rkt files. That's ok, but you may rename them as scm files if you like.
Side note

You may want to pull up 07-LabInfo presentation file from this afternoon's lecture for help with the diy reverse function(s).

If we have time today...