Lab 5

Spring 2017

  • Implement a software system for managing a car rental agency.
  • Use Javdoc comments for all classes and methods.
  • Use a JUnit framework and create tests for all methods.
  • This project is meant to be done with the same pairs of students that did the design phase together.
  • Please put both names on each paper submission.
  • All work for this project is to be submitted to a repository to be created for each team. Team names are RentalTeamn where 1ā‡nā‡11
  • Your repository address will be:
  • Teams consist of a pilot and a navigator. The pilot types, the navigator watches and suggests. Pilot and navigator roles should be switched every half hour or so.
  • You must create a new folder for your project that is outside of your CS203 folder. The new folder, named RentalProject, or something like it, will have it's own local git setup.
  • One person on a team will upload the project in its current state, and the other can download it to their own RentalProject folder.
  • NOTE: Here are some tips for creating jUnit tests.
    • Add the jUnit library - right click on the project folder, click on properties, click on libraries, add library jUnit 4.10
    • Add a class such as Agent to the project by right clicking on the project folder.
    • Add a constructor method to Agent
    • Right click on the project folder
    • click on add . . . new . . . other . . . jUnit test
    • Specify AgentTest as the test name. Please end your test class names with 'Test'
    • You now have a blank test in the test packages folder
    • If you right click on the project folder and click on Test, all your tests will run