Lab 6

Spring 2017
March 27, 2017

  • Set up teams of two students for this project.
  • Enhance the shape icon class in chapter 4 of Horstmann so that it displays multiple moveable shapes.
  • Include JUnit tests
  • Upload your program to the correct AnimationTeamx repository in github
  • Find a teammate. It would be a good idea to find a different partner than your previous partner.
  • Create a folder outside of your cs203 folder called AnimationTeamx where x is your team number.
  • Create a Netbeans project in that folder with the JUnit library included
  • Do exercise 4.20 in Horstmann, which asks you to enhance the ShapeIcon class. Modify the animation program to show a number of moving cars. hint: Store all shapes in an array list. The parameter list of some methods may have to change to accept a list of shapes. The code in the book is available in the Other Materials section of the wiki for this course.
  • Once you have something in the folder, set up a local repository as you did in Lab 1
  • Push your work to the remote repository, AnimationTeamx.