We will need to create Z80 programs for our computer. To do this we will use xdosemu in Linux to open a DOS session.

You will be given a floppy disk with the zasm z80 assembler and some sample programs. We will need to keep our programs on a floppy so that we can burn it to the ROM, or upload it to the RAM.

In addition to keeping your programs on the floppy, please create a directory in your Linux account and copy your programs into it. That way you can submit your work to the dropbox. Also, floppies are notoriously unreliable.


Here are the instructions for starting xdosemu (or dosemu), and using your floppy:

1) Find a machine with a floppy drive.

2) Start dosemu:


3) Insert the floppy.

4) In dosemu type:

   a: [Return]

5) Work . . .

There is an editor in dosemu called edit that you can use to create your .asm files.

If you created a program called program1.asm you can assemble it by typing:

   zasm program1

It would be handy to keep the length of your filenames to 8 characters or less.

6) When done, pop out the floppy, then type:


NOTE 1: If you get the message:

   A:\Error reading from drive A: DOS area: sector not found
   (A)bort, (I)gnore, (R)etry, (F)ail?         

press “A” and you will see a “>” prompt. Type:

   c: [return]

to put you back at your C:\> prompt.


NOTE2: Type


to change to your home directory in Linux while in dosemu.