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CMPU 331: Compiler Design

General Instructions

  1. You should submit your assignments using the CS Dropbox facility.
  2. All assignment submissions must be timestamped no later than 11.59:59 pm on the date due. Work submitted after this will be considered late.
  3. Supply one test file with your code.
  4. You must include a README.txt file with your submission, detailing any necessary information (e.g. how to run the code, any issues with the program). This file should also list any noteworthy changes to code for previous phases included in the current submission.

CS Dropbox

Submit Script

To submit your work, ensure that you are logged into your Vassar CS account and use the following command:

submit331 [assignment_ID] [directory_to_submit]

If you have any problems with this, please contact me or Mr Jerry Bailie, the CS IT manager, as soon as possible.

Directory Names

The following directory names should be used to submit your code:

Component Assignment_ID
Lexical Analyser 01_Lexer
Parser 02_Parser
Symbol Tables and Semantic Actions (part 1) 03_SemAct1
Semantic Actions (part 2) 04_SemAct2
Semantic Actions (part 3) 05_SemAct3
Semantic Actions (part 4) 06_SemAct4
Complete compiler 07_Final

As well as permitting an overview of the development of your compiler, this also ensures that there is at least one backup of your work.

Late Submissions

General Policy

Work submitted late will be subject to a 10% penalty per day or part day late. This is a flat, not multiplicative, penalty: for example, work submitted 2 days late will incur a penalty of 20% subtracted from the base assessed grade.

This policy does not apply in the case of established academic easement (mitigating circumstances, athletic fixtures, etc.).

This policy is in abeyance for the duration of any Slip Days claimed for that assessment.

Slip Days

Slip Days are days which may be invoked for any project submission if a student feels that they need more time to complete the work for that phase.

  1. A Slip Day is used to 'forgive' a day's lateness for a project submission, no questions asked. (Slip Days may not be applied to the paper exam..)
  2. Each student gets five (5) Slip Days for the whole semester.
  3. To claim Slip Days, you must request them by email no later than 12 hours before the deadline (i.e. by 12 noon on the day of submission).
  4. No single phase of the project may have more than two (2) Slip Days applied to it.
  5. The final submission (the completed project) may not have Slip Days applied to it.
  6. Once Slip Days are claimed, they are considered spent and cannot be recovered.
  7. If work is submitted late, it is subject to the usual penalty at the rate which would have been incurred had the Slip Day(s) not been applied. (i.e. if you ask for two Slip Days but submit the day after the second Slip Day concludes, the work is 3 days late and will receive a 30% penalty.)