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 +====== Vim Resources ======
 +One of the goals this semester is to learn to use Vim: a real text (and programmer'​s) editor.
 +Here are some resources to help you get started.
 +  * [[wp>​Vim_(text_editor)|Vim]] Wikipedia article
 +  * use ''​**vimtutor**''​ command from the linux prompt to learn basic Vim navigation, modes, and more
 +  * [[http://​derekwyatt.org/​vim/​tutorials/​index.html]]:​ range of video tutorials by Derek Wyatt
 +  * [[http://​vimcasts.org/​|Vimcasts]]:​ free screencasts about Vim
 +  * [[http://​vim-adventures.com/​|VIM Adventures]]:​ Learn VIM while playing a game
 +  * [[http://​yannesposito.com/​Scratch/​en/​blog/​Learn-Vim-Progressively/​|Learn Vim Progressively]]
 +  * [[http://​www.openvim.com|Vim simulator]]:​ student-tested this semester (Spring 2015)!
 +  * Useful for editing text documents with Vim:
 +    * '':​set tw=72''​ (sets textwidth of each line to 72)
 +      * then just type, text will wrap from one line to the next automatically
 +    * to "​reflow"​ a paragraph type, position your cursor anywhere in the paragraph and type ''​gq''​ in Normal mode
 +      * your paragraph will reflow to the textwidth you set
 +    * see [[http://​vim.wikia.com/​wiki/​Automatic_word_wrapping]] for more info!
 +  * configure your vim editor with [[http://​www.vim.org/​scripts/​script.php?​script_id=2332|Pathogen]]
 +    * note: I haven'​t used this yet, but it looks well worth learning once you're ready to customize your Vim
 +  * more? let me know what helpful resources you find, and I'll add them here!