Week 14

  • Wrap-up
  • Final Assignment
    • Due: end of study period
      • Tue, May 14, 5pm
      • Marc's office
    • Logistics
      • Handout: paper copy of full assignment and problem descriptions
      • Use to draw process network for Water Molecule Problem
      • Attach (staple) source code and final lab report to exam handout
      • Also submit electronically via submit377 script:
        $ submit377 final my-final 
    • The S'mores Problem
      • background clip from The Sandlot (S'mores scene): https://youtu.be/XlddDZkkxCc
      • implement using Ruby/Rinda where processes coordinate using tuples/semaphores to make S'mores
    • The Water Molecule Problem
      • chem background: Water molecule made up of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom
      • represent atoms as Go processes that must coordinate to form a water molecule (also a Go process)
  • CEQs