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 +====== Thesis Timetable ======
 +==== CMPU 300 ====
 +  * Special permission form is required to register for CMPU 300, which is the first half of a year-long course.
 +  * Student is responsible for securing both a primary advisor and a second reader and for providing a paragraph-long description of the project by the end of the third week of classes. If the topic is interdisciplinary,​ then, with CS department approval, the second reader may be outside the CS department.
 +  * Written draft of thesis proposal is due to advisor one week before course drop deadline. It should include: problem statement, bibliography from literature search, an outline of the approach to solve the problem, evaluation criteria, and significance of the work.
 +  * Each student and advising professor will work out a schedule of due dates for experiments and data collection, chapters, preliminary drafts, etc.
 +==== CMPU 301 ====
 +  * Special permission form is required to register for 301, which is the second half of a year-long course.
 +  * Complete draft of thesis due to second reader three weeks before the last day of classes so that it can be returned to student within a week for any needed changes.
 +  * Final version of thesis due on the last day of classes.
 +  * Student to do a presentation to the CS faculty at the end of the semester.