Supplementary Readings

Strunk and White The Elements of Style, 1918
there is no better book on style in writing (anything)

Friedman, Felleisen The Little Schemer: Fourth Edition MIT Press, 1996
an alternative introduction to recursive programming

Friedman, Felleisen The Seasoned Schemer MIT Press, 1996
more on functional and imperative programming

Felleisen, Friedman A Little Java, A Few Patterns MIT Press, 1998
why all this matters and how it scales to Java

If you wish to learn to use Racket or Scheme as a tool, which is not the goal of this course, then take a look at the following:

Book by students for students: Realm of Racket

How to Make Your Own Pro­gram­ming Lan­guages with Racket, by Matthew But­t­er­ick: Beautiful Racket

from the DrRacket website: Getting Started with Racket

Felleisen, Findler, Flatt, Krishnamurthi How to Use Scheme. 2002

Dybvig The Scheme Programming Language, 4th edition MIT Press, 2009