Lab 7

Fall 2016
November 1

  • This project is intended to be worked on individually
  • Create a basic banking program utilizing the Comparator interface
  • Include JUnit tests
  • Upload your program to your github repository
  • Create a folder under your cs203 folder called BankingApp.
  • Create a Netbeans project in that folder with the JUnit library included
  • Once you have something in the folder, set up a local repository as you did in Lab 1
  • Push your work to the remote repository.
  • Project specifications: Create a class BankingSystem that maintains a list of account objects of class BankAccount. Bank accounts have a name and a balance. The BankingSystem should be able to sort the list on name and/or balance. Use comparators for sorting. Create a class BankApp that contains a main() method that creates a BankingSystem, and asks the banking system to add several accounts. Main() can supply the names and balances individually without user interaction. Have main() ask the banking system to print the list, to sort the list on increasing balance, and to print the list again. Keep it simple, do not add unneeded features. We will return to this project later in the term to add features.