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 +/* If you have not already done so, please begin the heading below 
 +   with a date in YYYY-MM-DD format followed by a short description.
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 +==== 2008-10-07 Evening - Web Server Unavailable for an Hour ====
 +This web server and several others running here at Computer Science will be down tonight, Oct. 7!!th!! They all live on the same xen server and that is the machine I need to work.((This is the downside of our putting "all our chickens in one basket"​.))  This maintenance is to clean up the quick fix that was put in place last Saturday Night in the aftermath of the network problems.  I hope to keep the downtime to under an hour.  -Greg
 + --- //​[[priestdo@cs.vassar.edu|Greg Priest-Dorman]] 2008/10/07 15:15//