To Computer Science majors, correlates, and students:

Mark your calendars for Friday, November 7th (this Friday!!) at 4:30 pm. The Computer Science Department is throwing a preregistration pizza party in OLB 105 (our classroom). Besides eating, you will hear about our new course offering for Spring semester: CMPU 295 - Special Topics in Computer Science, to be taught by Prof. Luke Hunsberger. CMPU 295 will cover the Fundamentals of Computer Science and will satisfy the prerequisite for Discrete Mathematics (MATH 263) in the Computer Science concentration and correlate. The prerequisite for CMPU 295 is CMPU 101, not calculus. We are hoping to offer this new course annually after this year.

Other topics to be discussed at the party are the formation of a majors committee, election of majors committee chair or co-chairs, and a t-shirt design for CS.

So join us this Friday at 4:30 pm in the OLB classroom. You have to eat anyway, and attending this event should put you in a festive mood to see the “Rocky Horror Picture Show” (much) later on in the evening. Refreshments will be served. Vegetarian and lactose-free varieties of pizza will be available.

Please join us!