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 +==== 2009-03-02 Kyle Burke Lecture ====
 +<​html><​center></​html>//##​The Winifred Asprey Lecture Series in Computer Science##//​\\
 +Sponsored by the Department of Computer Science in honor of\\
 +Winifred Asprey ‘38 Emeritus Professor of Computer Science\\
 +###Atropos: A Sperner Triangle Game###\\
 +Kyle Burke\\
 +Boston University\\
 +Monday, March 2, 4pm\\
 +OLB, Computer Science 105\\
 +Sperner'​s Triangle, a classic combinatorics tool, provides the
 +backdrop for a new board game, Atropos, which we present in
 +this talk. We discuss the rules of the game and play once
 +against the audience! Following this, we use computer science
 +to determine whether the game is a "​good"​ game, showing
 +that Atropos is PSPACE-complete for our main evidence.\\
 +Google for '​Atropos game' to find a playable applet of the
 +Kyle Burke is a graduate student at Boston University working towards a Ph.D. in
 +boardgames. When not teaching, he creates combinatorial games and analyzes
 +their computational complexity. This, unfortunately,​ does not leave him enough
 +time to actually play them.