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 +==== 2009-10-13 Asprey Lecture Tiffani Williams ====
 +===The Winifred Asprey Lecture Series in Computer Science=== ​                                                                                                
 +**Sponsored by the Department of Computer Science in honor of Winifred ​                                            
 +Asprey '38 Emeritus Professor of Computer Science** ​                                                               ​
 +Tiffani Williams, Texas A&​M\\ ​                                                                                     ​
 +Tuesday, October 13, 2009, 5pm \\                                                                                  ​
 +OLB, Computer Science 105 \\                                                                                       
 +Tea reception in Student Lounge at 4:​30pm.\\ ​                                                                      
 +=== Using the MapReduce Framework to Analyze Large Collections of Evolutionary Trees on Multi-Core Platforms ===                                                                       
 +Evolutionary trees represent the genealogical relationships among a                                              ​
 +collection of organisms. ​ Evolutionary trees have many benefits such                                             
 +as automating species identification,​ improving global agriculture, ​                                             ​
 +and understanding disease transmission. Current techniques to                                                    ​
 +reconstruct the evolutionary tree for a set of organisms can easily ​                                             ​
 +produce tens of thousands of potential candidate trees. How can we                                               
 +produce an accurate estimation of the true evolutionary history for                                              ​
 +the organisms under investigation from such a large collection of                                                ​
 +In this talk, I will discuss our MrsRF (MapReduce Speeds up RF)           
 +algorithm, which is a multi-core algorithm for computing the              ​
 +all-pairs Robinson-Foulds (RF) distance between evolutionary trees. ​      
 +The novelty of our algorithm lies in how we use the MapReduce ​            
 +framework, which has been popularized by Google, to compare tens of       
 +thousands of evolutionary trees quickly on multi-core platforms. The      ​
 +talk will conclude by describing applications that utilize our MrsRF      ​
 +algorithm in order to reconstruct accurate evolutionary trees. ​           ​
 +===Bio:​=== ​                                                                     ​
 +Tiffani L. Williams is an Assistant Professor in the Department of        ​
 +Computer Science at Texas A&M University. She earned her B.S. in          ​
 +computer science from Marquette University and Ph.D. in computer ​         ​
 +science from the University of Central Florida. Afterward, she was a      ​
 +postdoctoral fellow at the University of New Mexico. ​ Her honors ​         ​
 +include a Radcliffe Institute Fellowship, an Alfred P. Sloan              ​
 +Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship, and a McKnight Doctoral ​              
 +Fellowship. ​ Her research interests are in the areas of                   
 +bioinformatics and high-performance computing.