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 +==== 2009-11-19 CS Alumni Panel ====
 +**When:** 5:00pm - 6:00pm Thursday, November 19th \\
 +**Where:** Multipurpose Room, 2nd floor of Main Building.\\ ​
 +**And Then:** 6-7 pm, please plan to stay and enjoy some pizza and conversation with the CS faculty, students and Alumni.
 +Panelists include:\\
 +**Dennis Slade** '//​91//,​ Money-Media- ​ Senior Applications Developer/​Analyst\\
 +**Ethan Gold** '//​97//,​ Morgan Stanley- Directory & Identity Mgmt Software Engineer((Former Student SysAdmin and first person to run a website at Vassar))\\
 +**Nikki Rosard** '//​08//,​ Microsoft- Software Development Engineer in Test ((Recipient of the [[:​history:​holdeen-adams_prize|Holdeen-adams Award]]))\\
 +**Christopher Garrett**, ZWorkbench, Inc.- President\\
 +**Dan Leslie** '//​01//,​ Reflexions Data- Partner / Director of Business Development\\
 +**Alex Smith** '//​01//,​ Reflexions Data- Director of Operations\\
 +**Dana Tenneson** '//​00//,​ The Education Arcade- Programmer((Former Student SysAdmin and second recipient of the [[:​history:​holdeen-adams_prize|Holdeen-adams Award]]))\\
 +**Jay Johnston** '//​06//,​ Govega Consulting- Senior Software Engineer\\
 +Each of our panelists will give a brief introduction,​ followed by a synopsis of their career path leading up to their
 +current position. ​