If you do not already have an account on the Computer Science Department lab machines and you will need one for your course work this semester then you must attend one of the New Account Lecture and Lab sessions. 1) If you are enrolled in CS101 or CS102 your instructor will tell you what time your session will be.  If you are not in CS101 or CS102 or you add one of these after the first week of classes than you must ask your instructor to let me know so I can add your account, you must contact me and sign up for a session and of course you must attend one of these sessions before you will have access to our system. Please ask your instructor to send me your information so I can get your account set up.  With the exception of CS101 and CS102, I need note from a CS instructor to add an account and I need a note from you so we can sign you up for one of the sessions.

There will be at 4 sessions on Friday January 23 but space is limited.  If you are not in cs101 or cs102 you must contact me before the session so I can set up your account and we can be sure there will be a seat for you. The sessions lasts 90 minutes. There is a session starting at 10:30am, a session at Noon, a session at 1:30pm and a session at 3:10pm.

If you have any questions, ask your course instructor or write me.


 — Greg Priest-Dorman 2009/01/07 15:24

if ( ^a & b ) then c, where a=have an account, b=need an account for your CS course, c=attendance at the New Account Lecture and Lab