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 +/* If you have not already done so, please begin the heading below 
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 +==== 2011-04-14 Careers in Computer Science Alumni Panel =====
 +**Thursday, April 14, 2011\\
 +5:00 pm - Panel discussion\\
 +6:00 pm - Reception with Bacio'​s pizza!\\
 +Multipurpose Room\\
 +College Center, 2nd Floor Main Building**\\
 +Don’t miss this opportunity to\\ 
 +meet the following Vassar Computer Science alums and friends,​\\ ​
 +learn about the career paths they’ve taken,\\
 +gain some valuable job search tips, and\\
 +enjoy networking that might lead to a summer internship or career for you!
 +**Kerry Bosworth** Software Engineer, Cluster System Test, IBM\\
 +**Christopher Garrett**, President, ZWorkbench, Inc.\\
 +**Ethan Gold** '//​97//,​ Identity Management Development Team Lead, Morgan Stanley\\
 +**Jay Johnston** '//​06//,​ Vice President of Technology, Kenzan Media\\
 +**Dan Leslie** '//​01//,​ Partner / Director of Business Development,​ Reflexions Data\\
 +**Tai Shimizu** '//​07//,​ Owner, Stormy Imaging\\
 +**Alex Smith**, '//​01//,​ Partner / Director of Operations, Reflexions Data\\
 +//All students are welcome to attend!//