Saturday, 21 April 2012
11:00 - 5:00
OLB 205

This is the fifth installment of the Android Development Day. Anyone interested in Android programming is welcomed to come out and share your projects and experiences.

There are representatives of all skill levels from complete beginners that need help installing the proper tools, all the way up to authors of mature Android apps which are available today.

Bring a computer and, optionally, an Android device and cable and work on your personal project, check out other peoples' projects, and trade stories and advice about Android development in general. Like last time, several developers who are participating in sqwrGameworks, our group project, will be using some of this time to sync up and work out issues and direction face to face. If you're interested in participating in the sqwrGameworks project, this is a good opportunity to meet your would-be teammates.

NOTE: If you're interested in ADD4 but would like to get a head start, check out the group's Android Resources.