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 +==== 2012-11-02 Wheeler Ruml Lecture ====
 +<​html><​style type="​text/​css">​div.profile { float: left; padding-right:​ 0.5em;​}</​style></​html>​
 +<​html><​div class="​profile"></​html>​{{events:​individual_events:​wheeler_ruml_profile.jpeg?​90|Wheeler Ruml}}<​html></​div></​html>​
 +[[http://​www.cs.unh.edu/​~ruml/​|Wheeler Ruml]]\\ ​
 +Associate Professor\\ ​
 +Department of Computer Science\\ ​
 +University of New Hampshire\\ ​
 +Friday, November 2, 2012\\
 +OLB 205, 10:30am\\
 +**Planning Algorithms: When Optimal Is Just Not Good Enough**
 +Planning is a crucial capability - it enables robots to be autonomous and it helps people save time and conserve natural resources. ​ Unfortunately,​ most planning problems are NP-hard or worse, so algorithms that guarantee optimal solutions are often impractical. ​ In this talk, I'll discuss alternative guarantees on performance,​ such as bounded suboptimality and anytime convergence to optimality, and show how a new generation of more-informed heuristic search algorithms can meet them effectively in practice. ​ I'll argue that, in addition to serving as the underlying engines of intelligent systems, heuristic search algorithms themselves can be usefully considered as rational agents.
 +Wheeler Ruml is an Associate Professor of Computer Science at the University of New Hampshire, where he leads the UNH AI Group. ​ His current interests include heuristic search, optimization,​ and robotics, with an emphasis on planning under time pressure. ​ He was selected for the DARPA Computer Science Study Panel, an NSF CAREER award, and the UNH Outstanding Assistant Professor Award. ​ Before joining UNH, he led a team at Xerox PARC that used AI techniques to build the world'​s fastest printer. ​ And yes, Wheeler is his real name!