2012-12-14 Hackathon

No, we will not be hacking into the FBI or crashing CIS. A Hackathon is where you code a program in a specific amount of time, in our case, 24 hours. Vassar’s very first hackathon is going to be based on a theme, where you can use any language, to code anything you want, as long as it is related to that theme.

For example, if the theme is Halloween

  • make a pumpkin smashing game
  • make a database that chooses silly costumes
  • a program where you input age, costume and location and gives you statistics of getting awesome candy

You can work alone, or in pairs, and if you want to really challenge yourself, you can pick a random language from a hat! You don’t have to be great at coding, or do anything complicated, it’s all about fun and spending time with your fellow CS classmates.

During the Hackathon there will be…

  • Pizza
  • swag points
  • brag sheet where your name and program name will be
  • certificates for participants
  • Trophy for the “winner” that will be displayed on the shelf in the asprey lab
  • did I say swag points?

Sign-up sheets are around the labs and classrooms. Come participate in Vassar’s very first Hackathon! A monumental event.

The hackathon will start on Friday December 14th.

Contact Cat Morgan (camorgan [at] vassar [dot] edu>) or Sandy Pogarcic (sapogarcic [at] gmail [dot] com) if you have any questions!