Sean Dague

Sean Dague

Senior Software Engineer
Linux Technology Center, IBM
Friday, February 15, 2013
College Center MPR (CN 223), 10:30am

Software Engineering 2.0:
What Modern Software Engineering Looks Like At Scale

OpenStack is an Open Source Cloud Computing Infrastructure as a Service project. In the last 4 months over 350 developers from all over the world have landed code in the project. And the code has by all measures gotten more stable, not less.

How does that happen? What kind of practices need to be in place to support that? What have we, as practitioners, learned over the 60+ years of Software Development as a discipline, that lets this kind of large project scale? By looking at an extreme case, one of the 10 most active Open Source projects on GitHub, we can learn a lot about how to make software great at any scale.

Sean Dague is a Senior Software Engineer and OpenStack Architect for IBM’s Linux Technology Center. Over his 15 years at IBM he’s worked a widely varied set jobs, including the 2000 Sydney Olympics Website, Linux Virtualization and High Performance Computing, 3D Internet, and most recently Cloud Software. He’s an avid Open Source enthusiast, with contributions to dozens of projects, and the founder of the Mid-Hudson Linux Users Group, now approaching its 10th year.

Tea and cookies will be available at 10:15. Come early for informal discussion.