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 +==== 2013-02-28 Getting Into and Choosing a Graduate School ====
 +<​html><​style type="​text/​css">​div.profile { float: left; padding-right:​ 0.5em;​}</​style></​html>​
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 +Prairie Rose Goodwin '​12\\ ​
 +PhD Student, NC State University\\ ​
 +Thursday, February 28, 2013\\
 +OLB 105, 7:00pm\\ \\ 
 +**Getting Into and Choosing a Graduate School**
 +Are you interested in going to graduate school at some point in your life? Come talk with an alumna that has firsthand experience! Learn the ins and outs of applying to graduate schools and choosing the one that suits you best.
 +\\ \\ 
 +//Sponsored by the Request-A-Lecture program.//