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 +====== An introduction to LATEX ======
 +==== Vassar College Department of Mathematics Announces a lecture/​demonstration ====
 +==== John McCleary ====
 +Vassar College \\
 +Tuesday, September 17, 2013 \\
 +Rockefeller Hall 300 \\
 +7-8:30pm \\
 +One of the most useful programming languages is TEX, constructed by 
 +Donald Knuth, and developed by Leslie Lamport into LATEX, the standard
 +for mathematical typesetting over the last 25 years. If you want to 
 +be able to typeset your mathematical work, or even to typeset any of 
 +your assignments,​ LATEX can be very valuable. ​
 +I will give a lecture/​demonstration of elementary aspects of
 +the LATEX programming language. If you have installed a version of TEX on your laptop, bring it
 +along. On the MAC, install TEXshop. On machines running Microsoft operating systems, install MikTEX. Both of these versions
 +of TEX are freely available on the Web.