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 +====== 2008-04-22 - Asprey Lecture =====
 +==== Interpretation of Molecule Conformations from Drawn Diagrams ====
 +Dana Tenneson\\
 +April 22 5:00pm 105 OLB \\
 +Molecules are inherently 3D objects that chemists represent on paper and classroom blackboards
 +with a system of 2D notations. Our project, ChemPad (http://​www.chempad.org),​ allows
 +chemists to sketch molecules in a quick and natural fashion on a Tablet PC and have the
 +corresponding 3D models automatically generated.
 +Dana graduated from Vassar in 2000 with an A.B. Computer Science & Mathematics. He was the second recipient of the 
 +Holdeen-Adams Award for Excellence in Computer Science. He has since received his Sc.M. in Computer Science from Brown University and is currently finishing up his PhD (also at Brown).