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 +==== 2010-03-15 Poughkeepsie ACM Speaker Jon Bentley ====
 +//Reposted here from [[http://​pok.acm.org/​|Poughkeepsie Chapter of the ACM]] web site.//
 +Poughkeepsie Chapter of the Association For Computing Machinery
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 +**Program:​** ​ Quicksort 2010: Implementing and Analyzing a Family of Functions
 +**Speaker:​** ​ Jon Bentley, Avaya Labs Research
 +**About the Topic:**
 +For half a century, the fastest comparison-based sort functions ​
 +have been variants of Hoare’s classic Quicksort. ​ But exactly ​
 +which variants are best on today’s machines? ​ This talk describes ​
 +experiments to search for the fastest possible implementation of 
 +Quicksort; our hunt is a celebration of the Joy of Programming. ​
 +We were surprised by the results: some old champions are now 
 +painfully slow, while long-discarded variants have become ​
 +lightning fast.  Along the way, we discovered a desperate need 
 +for a new cost model for sorting, and we laid the foundation for 
 +the Dual-Pivot Quicksort we wrote for Java Development Kit 7.  We 
 +found that explicitly considering a large family (or product ​
 +line) of algorithms is a powerful approach. ​ (This talk describes ​
 +joint work with Vladimir Yaroslavskiy and Joshua Bloch.)
 +**About the Speaker:**
 +Jon Bentley is a computer scientist at Avaya Labs Research. ​
 +His interests include programming techniques, algorithm design, ​
 +and the design of software tools and interfaces. ​ He has written ​
 +three books on programming and articles on a variety of topics, ​
 +ranging from the theory of algorithms to software engineering. ​
 +Possibly his best known work is the book "​Programming Pearls" ​
 +(see www.cs.bell-labs.com/​cm/​cs/​pearls/​) which is based on the 
 +columns he wrote in the 1980's for the Communications of the ACM.  ​
 +Bentley received a B.S. at Stanford in 1974 and an M.S. and 
 +Ph.D. from the University of North Carolina in 1976; he then 
 +taught Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon for six years. ​ He 
 +joined Bell Labs in 1982, and retired in 2001 to join Avaya Labs. 
 +Jon has hiked the Catskill 3500 peaks nine times (including ​
 +once solo in the winter), the 46 4000-foot peaks in the 
 +Adirondacks,​ the 48 4000-footers in New Hampshire'​s Whites, and 
 +the five 4000-footers in Vermont'​s Green Mountains. ​ He has made 
 +numerous rock climbing ascents, both frontcountry and 
 +backcountry,​ on at least two continents. ​ He has numerous Medical ​
 +Technician rankings, many of them relating to Wilderness EMT.
 +**When:​** ​    7:30 pm, Monday, Mar 15, 2010 
 +**Where:​** ​   Donnelly Hall, Room 225.\\
 +Marist College, Route 9, Poughkeepsie,​ NY\\
 +(Donnelly Hall is Building 6 on the Marist campus map at www.marist.edu/​about/​map.html.)
 +**Parking:​** ​ It will be spring break at Marist, so parking will be easy.
 +**Cost:​** ​    Free and open to the public
 +**Dinner:​** ​  6 pm, Palace Diner, 194 Washington Street, POK, 845.473.1576\\
 +**Menu:** www.thepalacediner.com/​menu_pg.htm
 +All are welcome to join us for dinner. ​ (Go north on the Route 9
 +Arterial to the St. Francis Hospital exit, turn right, turn 
 +right again. ​ The Palace is one block further along on the right.) ​
 +We thank Marist College for hosting the chapter'​s meetings.
 +Refreshments are served after the meeting. ​ For further ​
 +information,​ email collier@acm.org or call 845.522.1971.
 +Site Map. This page is available on the web at http://​pok.acm.org.