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 ====How to Set up Your Keys==== ====How to Set up Your Keys====
-* **Step 1**: Open up a terminal. ​ On many systems, you can do this by hitting Control-Alt-t.  ​+  ​* **Step 1**: Open up a terminal. ​ On many systems, you can do this by hitting Control-Alt-t.  ​ 
 +  * **Step 2**: Type in "​ssh-keygen -t rsa"​. ​ Hit enter. 
 +  * **Step 3**: You will now be prompted for a file in which to save the key.  Without typing anything, hit enter. 
 +  * **Step 4**: You will be prompted to enter a passphrase. ​ Again, without typing anything hit enter, and then when asked to enter the same passphrase again, hit enter again. 
 +  * **Step 5**: Your screen should now look like the screenshot below. Now it's time to copy a key over to mote.  Enter the command "​ssh-copy-id myUsername@mote.cs.vassar.edu",​ where "​myUsername"​ has been replaced with the username associated with your cs account. Hit enter.
-* **Step ​2**:+{{ help:​general_linux:​alldone.png?​1100}} 
 +  *  **Step 6**: You should see a message that says "​Number of key(s) added: 1 ..."​. ​ If you see this message, everything should have worked correctly! ​  
 +  ​* **Step ​7**: Verify that everything worked correctly. ​ Type in "ssh myUsername@mote.cs.vassar.edu",​ where again, "​myUsername"​ has been replaced with your CS username. ​ You should log in automatically,​ without needing to enter a password!