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 +<​title>​current acm technews
 +<ul >
 +<​li><​a href="​http://​technews.acm.org/#​703794">​Storage System for 'Big Data' Dramatically Speeds Access to Information</​a></​li>​
 +<​li><​a href="​http://​technews.acm.org/#​703802">​Researchers Implement HPC-First Cloud Approach</​a></​li>​
 +<​li><​a href="​http://​technews.acm.org/#​703556">​Quantum Engineers Take a Major Step Towards a Quantum Computer</​a></​li>​
 +<​li><​a href="​http://​technews.acm.org/#​703591">​Scientist Developing 3D Chips to Expand Capacity of Microprocessors</​a></​li>​
 +<​li><​a href="​http://​technews.acm.org/#​703322">​How a Database of the World'​s Knowledge Shapes Google'​s Future</​a></​li>​
 +<​li><​a href="​http://​technews.acm.org/#​703252">​Menthal App Reveals Just What a Screen Addict You've Become</​a></​li>​
 +<​li><​a href="​http://​technews.acm.org/#​703305">​Inside the First-Year Data From MITx and HarvardX</​a></​li>​
 +<​li><​a href="​http://​technews.acm.org/#​702660">​IU Scientist Exploring Artificial Intelligence</​a></​li>​
 +<​li><​a href="​http://​technews.acm.org/#​702672">​We the Internet: Bitcoin Developers Seed Idea for Bitcloud</​a></​li>​
 +<​li><​a href="​http://​technews.acm.org/#​703275">​IST Professor, CSE Grad Develop Tools to Access '​Scholarly Big Data'</​a></​li>​
 +<​li><​a href="​http://​technews.acm.org/#​703307">​Air Force Researchers Plant Rootkit in a PLC</​a></​li>​
 +<​li><​a href="​http://​technews.acm.org/#​702213">​Augmented Reality Lifts Awareness of Nature Preservation</​a></​li>​
 +<​li><​a href="​http://​technews.acm.org/#​703592">​Why Aren't More Girls Interested in Computer Science?</​a></​li>​
 +    ​