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 +===== My Favorite Books and Stories =====
 +//Limbo// by Bernard Wolfe
 +This book may be hard to find, but is worth the hunt. Originally published in 1952. Set in 1990. I am not sure what to say about this one - it had and continues to have quite an effect on me. (Of course that may just be because I had been told I "would never walk
 +again" and now I spend most of the day with a computer strapped to my side, I don't know...) If you have read it and want to discuss it, let me know!
 + //​Flatland//​ by E. A. Abbott
 +This book is now available as a public domanain e-text from [[gopher://​wiretap.spies.com/​|gopher://​wiretap.spies.com]] and most e-text archives. However, it is still in print and under $5.00, so you should try to at least see a print copy for the illustrations. RFB has it on tape. There was an odd little animated film version I recall seeing in 7th grade, but it's not the same. [[http://​www.cs.vassar.edu/​~priestdo/​flatland.pref.txt|Title page and preface from the Wiretap Edition.]]
 +//The Art of Memory// by Frances Yates
 +This book changed my way of viewing the world; let it do the same for you. Vassar Library has it, Barnes and Noble sells it, RFB has taped it. Here is the info from the Vassar Library Catalogue:
 +   ​AUTHOR ​      ​Yates,​ Frances Amelia.
 +   ​TITLE ​       The art of memory, by Frances A. Yates.
 +   ​IMPRINT ​     Chicago, University of Chicago Press [1966]
 +   ​DESCRIPT ​    xv, 400 p. illus. 23 cm.
 +   ​NOTE ​        ​Bibliographical footnotes.
 +   ​SUBJECT ​     Mnemonics --History.
 + //​Sefer Yetzirah//
 +Learn how to breathe
 +Be careful, there are several translations out there, some of with have goals of their own; read a few, then decide. A good one to start with is in Volume One of //​Understanding Jewish Mysticism.//​ Vassar Library Catalogue shows it as:
 +  TITLE        Understanding Jewish mysticism : a source reader
 +  [edited] ​                David R. Blumenthal.
 +  IMPRINT ​     New York : Ktav Pub. House, 1978-
 +  DESCRIPT ​    ​xviii,​ 196p. ; 23 cm.
 +  SERIES ​      The Library of Judaic learning ; v. 2.
 +               ​Library of Judaic learning ; v. 2.
 +  NOTE         ​Includes bibliographies and indexes.
 +  CONTENTS ​    [1] The Merkabah tradition and the Zoharic tradition
 +               [2] The philosophic-mystical tradition and the hasidic tradition.
 +  SUBJECT ​     Cabala --Translations into English.
 +               ​Mysticism --Judaism --Translations into English.
 +  ADD NA/TI    Blumenthal, David R.
 +Once you have worked with it for a while, do yourself a favor and check out the Aryeh Kaplan'​s book on Sefer Yetzirah.
 + //The Seven Beggers //by Nachman of Bratislav
 +As with //​Yetzeirah//,​ you have to pick and choose to find good translations. My favorite is still the voice recording I have of R.
 +Zalman Schacter-Shalomi telling the tale, but there are many translations in print. Look for collections of R. Nahman'​s tales. One at Vassar is:
 +  AUTHOR ​      ​Steinsaltz,​ Adin.
 +  TITLE        Beggars and prayers : Adin Steinsaltz retells the tales of Rabbi
 +                  Nachman of Bratslav ; translated by Yehuda Hanegbi ...[et al.]
 +                  ; edited by Jonathan Omer-Man.
 +  IMPRINT ​     New York : Basic Books, c1979.
 +  DESCRIPT ​    vi, 186 p. ; 22 cm.
 +  SUBJECT ​     Parables, Hasidic.
 +  ADD NA/TI    Nahman, of Bratslav, 1772-1811.
 + //​Database Nation// by Simson Garfinkel
 + //​Meditation and Kabbalah// by Aryeh Kaplan
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