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 ===== Faculty ===== ===== Faculty =====
-==== Simon Ellis ==== 
-Visiting Assistant Professor of Computer Science \\ \\ 
-[[http://​www.cs.vassar.edu/​~sellis|Simon Ellis]] received his PhD in 2016 from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, specialising in the application of cognitive computing to artificially intelligent agents for complex board, card and role-playing games. This remains the primary focus of his research, although he is also interested in "​non-educational"​ computer games which permit learning as a '​side-effect'​ of playing the game: in particular, using such a game to help high school students to learn and understand basic computer science concepts without actively learning them. Some of his other interests include programming languages, software development,​ philosophy, and design, of A.I., and just about //​anything//​ to do with games.