Database modifications

Tool Structure
  • tl_name varchar(255) primaryKey The unique tool name with extension
  • tl_size int file size
  • tl_num_inputs tinyint number of possible inputs
  • tl_inputs varchar(255) dataType key of accepted input types comma separated, semicolon separated between num inputs
    • *example: first input takes fast-a (1) or .txt (0), second takes only .dat (4)
    • *tl_inputs = 1,0;4
  • tl_output int unsigned the dataType key for the output file
  • tl_description tinyblob text description entered on upload
  • tl_user int unsigned the user key for the user who uploaded the file
  • tl_user_text varchar(255) The user name for the uploader
  • tl_timestamp char(14) The time uploaded according to mediaWiki's form of timestamp.
DataType Structure

This is esentailly an enumeration and listing in the database.

  • dt_key int unsigned primary key The dataType key autoincrement
  • dt_name varchar(255) unique The unique dataType name. (at least the most commonly accepted name)
Data Structure
  • da_key int unsigned primaryKey a numeric key, autoincrement
  • da_name varchar(255) unique unique name with extension
  • da_size int file size
  • da_type int unsigned dataType key
  • da_description tinyblob a description, will reference it's creation piping if autogenerated result
  • da_source enum('result', 'upload') autogenerated result or an original upload?
  • da_user int unsigned user key for the user who uploaded or ran the creating tool
  • da_user_text varchar(255) the user name
  • da_timestamp char(14) the time uploaded according to mediaWiki's form of timestamp.