Notes on MediaWiki 1.7

Database Storage
  • Every table starts with 'aiptasia_' Hereafter I will leave out the 'aiptasia' part.
  • User info stored in _user
  • All the main page text (past, present, and pre-built) is stored as a blob object in _text table.
  • _searchindex contains the text,title,ID for all pages that should be searched: the current version of user built pages.
  • _revision contains simple data on which pages were revised, by whom, when.
  • _page stores data about each page by page id and title, linking it to the text id found in _text.
  • _categorylinks store the pageText id, the category name, and the page title.
PHP Code Structure
  • The start page is index.php, which starts a long chain of includes. This is the only valid entry point.