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This is an alef-bet I charted for use in double-face double-turn tablet weaving in 1989. I have scanned this chart directly from the old graph paper I originally used. That was more expeditious than locating and learning a graphics program that would crank out a more elegant product. But if you are already familiar with tablet weaving drafts of this sort, my alef-bet should make reasonably good sense to you.

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Hebrew Letters for Double-Face Double-Turn Tablet Weaving

© 1999 Carolyn Priest-Dorman

This alef-bet chart is based on 32 pattern cards: 20 on the line, 8 below the line, and 12 above the line. Due to the limitations of the medium, I have graphed a blocky, print-style version rather than a flowing calligraphic one. No sofit letters are included in my chart; if you need them you will have to chart your own. Using the existing chart for starters, that should not prove too difficult; be bold!

 Hebrew letters alef through lamed

 Hebrew letters pe through tav

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