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Sue Palterman's description of her lampas woven sample

I put the warp onto my table loom (sorry to stray from TW) (sorry to talk technical, Nancy, if you want a longer explanation let me know) to do a 5shaft straight twill. I set it up with an 4 extra sets of string heddles in front of the others with a different colour warp thread in each set (so that when I get to the pattern part it will make the job a little easier!). Then it all went pear-shaped!

Having started weaving I realised that what I had set up is the same as the diagram for lampas weave which Nancy sent me. I also realised that with the tablet weaving the colour sequence repeats after 4 tablets - if you spiral the colour to get diagonals then the 5th tablet will be in the same position as the first, so one repeat has 16threads ( 4threads x 4 tablets). After 4 picks the same colour has returned to the top, so if the warp thread is down for one pick then it is available on the top for 3 picks.

With the 5shaft/lampas weave the colour repeats on the same shaft after 20 threads. The 4 colour diagonal pattern is achievable on the reverse (probably slightly different, difficult to see well), but in between the warp thread is available at the top for 4 picks. This was probably immediately apparent to others, but sometimes it takes a brick to make me notice things.

Does this help with the analysis of the pictures? The selvedges are really tricky (I'm on Plan D!!). Has anyone seen lampas weave with a selvedge? I thought that I would get a similar sample with the loom, but because of the extra long repeat, there aren't so many across the piece. I've had to pull the sample in by 1/5 to get the same level of cover.

Jenny Kosarew, who scanned and forwarded the images, writes:

Here are the scans of the loom woven sample. Although the back looks superficially the same, there are some differences. The picks/inch (at the end of the sample I used for the detailed scans) are the same as the TW sample, but this one is narrower (1.5" instead of 1.8").

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