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This document is about a textile I wove for the Fall 2001 sample exchange of the Medieval Textiles Study Group, a special interest group of Complex Weavers.

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A Four-Harness Medieval Huck Weave

© Carolyn Priest-Dorman 2001

I developed this weaving draft from a drawdown published by Daniël de Jonghe (De Jonghe 1989, p. 241). The original textile is a relic, the "Sluier van Maria" (Mary's Veil) at the Basilica of Our Lady in Tongeren, Belgium. It is believed to be eleventh or twelfth century in origin (De Jonghe 1988, pp. 65-66). The neatest thing about this textile, from my point of view, was its alternating lines of warp and weft floats—a sort of combined barleycorn and huck weave.

The weaving draft was prepared using WinWeave version 1.0.

 weaving draft

Here is a scan of a sample of the completed textile. I wove it at 36 epi from 20/2 Czechoslovakian [sic] linen as my contribution to the annual sample exchange of the Medieval Textiles Study Group, a special interest group of Complex Weavers.

 linen weave with warp and weft floats


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Considers a group of medieval linens and silks for clues to the types of looms that could have woven them. Several drawdowns.

Priest-Dorman, Carolyn. 2001. "Some Medieval Linen Weaves." Complex Weavers' Medieval Textiles, Issue 30 (December 2001), pp. 1, 4-5.

Presents weaving drafts and sources for several simple textured linen weaves from the Middle Ages, including the Sluier van Maria huck weave.

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