Copyright © Sue Palterman, 10 September 1998.

Sue Palterman's description of her tablet woven sample

I finally got round to it. I set up a four coloured warp and had a go. I used the tablets on their points, using the bottom shed for the ground weft, some threads from the top layer for the tie-downs and appropriate colours from the top three holes for the warp threads that come over the brocade weft. By dipping down to the bottom layer as Peter suggested I was able to get warp floats of 4 and 5 picks. The thread isn't really appropriate but I needed 5 colours so there wasn't any real choice in the cupboard. It's too tightly twisted and not really puffy enough, especially for the brocade weft. I enjoyed doing it and am pleased with the piece, but you'll have to wait till I show it to Peter to see whether it proves anything.

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