Emacspeak Mailing List Archive

This site contains all the messages sent to the emacspeak mailing list starting on May 3 1996 as well as selected messages and mail from T.V. Raman relevant to emacspeak users. This archive is updated daily if new messages are sent to the list.

If you which to join the emacspeak mailing list just send mail to emacspeak-request@cs.vassar.edu with a subject of "subscribe". The list is maintained by a list listserver that will add you to the list and send you confirmation and general information when it does.

Emacspeak is available free of charge in several locations the most up to date link to the downloads or source files is from the download or source link on the page at sourceforge:

If you have questions about this archive or had problems using it, please send mail to:

priestdo@cs.vassar.edu No Soliciting!

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