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Re: Unicode HTML character entities in w3m

Hello Lukas,

Lukas Loehrer <listaddr1@gmx.net> writes:

> here is a problem that has bothered me for some time: Some CMS, most
> notably Wordpress, seem to replace certain characters by a somewhat
> more expressive Unicode equivalent. For example, instead of "
> (double-quotes), the HTML source code will contain &#8220; and &#8221;
> which will be rendered as left-double-quote and right-double-quote

I am not sure what encoding I am using here.  I looked for a command
that would tell me the encoding or character set currently in use and
did not really find anything.  This is not unusual, as I have no
experience  here and I think I use the defaults.

> respectively. I mostly use w3m which as far as I can tell should be
> able to display these characters, at least theoretically. 

Mine here shows exactly what yours does.

> the problem is that it does not work, which means I get things like ü
> and ý for the above two characters. This is very distracting when
> reading thext that contains many such characters.

I do not hear the characters you inserted  in this mail, nor do I hear
them in w3m.  You might want to set tts-strip-octals to true and see if
that helps.  

I hope this helps,
Robert D. Crawford                                      rdc1x@comcast.net

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